A talk-in on gold with Charlie Morris

If you are interested in gold, and the future of currencies generally, you should be interested in my latest Money Makers podcast, which features a 45-minute conversation with ex-HSBC fund manager Charlie Morris on all aspects of gold – how to think about it? Is it good value now? How should you go about buying the metal? Are gold stocks a good place to be? How much gold should you have in your portfolio? All these topics are covered in the podcast. What I like about Charlie’s approach is his disciplined, no-nonsense approach to analysing gold; he is not a gold bug, but someone who recognises that gold can be cheap or overvalued, just like any other asset. After 15 years running multi-asset portfolios for HSBC, Charlie now does the same for a private wealth management business, Netscape Capital, and writes a free must-read monthly newsletter about gold and crypto-currencies called Atlas Pulse. You can hear the podcast on the Money Makers website.