NEW: Buy the 2021 Handbook

The fourth edition of my annual publication The Investment Trusts Handbook is out in December 2021. The 300-page book includes a series of new articles about the investment trust sector – reviews of the year, interviews with leading fund managers, a Q and A forum with a number of trust experts, the outlook for 2021, the editor’s notes, updated performance and data tables and more. More than 90 per cent of the content is new from previous years. You can pre-order a copy of the book, and take advantage of our free e-book offer, by following this link or by searching on Amazon and other bookselling websites.

Contributors this year include Peter Spiller, John Baron, John Kay, Simon Elliott, Max King, Sandy Cross, Charles Plowden, Harry Nimmo, Robin Angus, Hamish Buchan, Piers Currie, Tim Cockerill, Simon Major, David Benamou, William Heathcoat Amory, Walter Price, Nick Brind, Richard Curling, Sam Morse, Ewan Lovett-Turner and Simon Crinage. Data sourced from the AIC, Numis, Winterflood Securities, Investec, Warhorse Partners and QuotedData.

“This book is essential reading if you are serious about long term investing and want to use investment trusts to gain exposure to different parts of the market”. Shares magazine.