A portfolio career

I have been lucky to have had a good education, at Winchester, Cambridge and MIT, and a rich and stimulating variety of professional experience, initially as a business and financial journalist on The Sunday Telegraph, The Times and Independent, and for the last 35 years in a series of often overlapping portfolio roles, including business development, investment strategist, writer, publisher, club chairman, podcaster and bridge teacher, now based full time in Oxford.

Personal highlights include:

Founding editor and first City Editor of The Week; columnist for The Independent and Financial Times; investment strategist with Smith & Williamson; senior adviser to Saunderson House; author of four books on investment; editor and co-publisher of half a dozen others; non-executive director of an investment trust; founder and editor, The Investment Trusts Handbook; Member of The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment; weekly podcaster; chairman of the Savile Club; contestant on University Challenge and bridge tournament winner.