Bridge, the greatest card game ever invented, has been a central part of my life for as long as I can remember. After years of studying and playing the game at a high level, in 2018 I started to teach and coach players in and around my home town of Oxford as a professional sideline, using the methods of my friend Andrew Robson, bridge correspondent of The Times. The results have vastly exceeded my expectations. You can find out more visiting my dedicated bridge website Bridge In Oxford.

I now have more than 200 players of all abilities taking lessons, participating in group coaching and playing in my weekly supervised play sessions. The great beauty of bridge is that it is both a social activity and a source of mental stimulation, a combination which has been demonstrated to contribute materially to wellbeing. During lockdown, we have discovered that it also translates brilliantly to an online experience. If you haven’t tried bridge before, I cannot recommend it too highly.