If you are interested in stock market investment, you may enjoy one of the two free podcasts that I record at regular intervals. One covers investment trusts and the other the global financial landscape more generally. You can find out more by visiting their respective websites. Details of other premium content available to subscribers can also be found on the Money Makers website. These include Q and As/interviews with leading professional investors and market reviews and commentary.

The Money Makers weekly investment trust podcast is recorded every Friday afternoon and goes out on Saturdays. Each week I sit down with leading professional experts to review the main developments of the week – all the latest announcements, prices, NAVs and discounts. The podcasts are available on all the main podcast channels and is also featured on the Association of Investment Companies website. For the first two years the podcast co-host was Simon Elliott, former head of investment trust research at Winterflood Securities.

This is a screenshot of the main podcast page on the Money Makers website, where you can listen to the weekly investment trust podcast every week. It is released on Saturday afternoons and the link emailed to anyone who signs up to receive it. There are currently more than 3,000 regular subscribers. The podcast was launched in April 2020.

The second podcast is a regular half hour conversation with the fund manager and entrepreneur Peter Seilern. We tend to range widely over a number of topics of interest to us both professionally and personally, including the stock market, global politics and films and literature. The title, Moses and Methusaleh, is a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that we have both been following the financial markets for more decades than we care to mention. As an Austrian born in Trieste after the Second World War, Peter’s perspective is refreshingly different to my own Anglo-centric upbringing and experience. This podcast series has been running since 2020.

Both podcasts are independently produced and free to air. The Money Makers website (https://money-makers.co) has an archive of all the weekly investment trust podcasts and includes relevant disclosures. I also now record occasional podcast interviews for the Master Investor website.