Talking Markets: Mark Slater

[private]Mark Slater, co-founder of Slater Investments, is one of the up and coming new generation of UK equity fund managers. His Slater Growth fund currently ranks as the best performing UK equity unit trust over one, three and five years, thanks mainly to a strong performance over the last two years, during which he has added further quantitative screening criteria to his original stockpicking methods.

In this 40-minute conversation we talk about his approach to investing (broadly, the first 20 minutes of the audio file) and then discuss some of the stocks in his portfolio and why he is cautious about the current market environment (second 20 minutes). The interview is in MP3 format. (Editor’s Disclosure: I own units in the Slater Growth Fund). This is one of a series of extended audio interviews with leading professional investors.

Jonathan Davis

To listen to the interview, click this link: Talking About Markets (audio): Mark Slater. For more about the Slater Growth Fund, follow this link.

Fund Performance (as at June 20 2011). Source: Trustnet.

0-12m 12-24m 24-36m 36-48m 48-60m
MFM Slater Growth Fund +55.8 +56.9 -17.4 -14.4 +18.5
IMA UK All Companies +20.9 +18.3 -20.8 -9.8 +20.6